How to Send My Survey to Respondents


ProProfs lets you share a survey with respondents in a bunch of different ways.


1. Share via email

2. Share as a direct link

3. Embed in a blog/webpage

4. Share via social media


Benefits of sharing surveys with respondents:


  • Take feedback before the launch of any product or service

  • Collect insights around specific topics by sending surveys


Here Are the Ways in Which You Can Send a Survey to Your Respondent


Step 1: On your ProProfs Survey Maker dashboard, click the send icon of the survey you want to share.


Navigating to a survey to share with respondents


Select any of the following methods:


  • Email: You can send the survey directly to the respondent(s) by entering their email ID(s).


Note that the [Survey Link] in the message body is a dynamic field, and it is filled automatically with the link of the survey upon sending.


Sharing the survey link via email


Also, you can test the email by sending it to your email address using the "Send Test Email" at the bottom right of the screen.


  • Link: You can copy the survey link, as shown in the screenshot below, and share it separately with your respondents via chat per se.


Copying the survey link to share it directly via chat or other medium

  • Embed: You can embed the survey on your website or blog.


Embedding the survey in a website or blog using its embed code

  • Pop-up: You can embed the survey as a pop-up on your website.


Embedding the survey as a pop-up on website using the embed code

  • Social: You can share the survey using social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter with just a click.


Sharing the survey on social media platforms

  • Print: You can take a printout and share it as a hard copy with your respondents.


Sharing the survey with the respondents as a printed copy


Alternate Methods


  • Email the survey to your users from the 'Users' screen


Step 1: On your ProProfs Survey Maker dashboard, go to More >> Classroom.


Sharing the survey via classroom


Step 2: Click on the number of users under the 'Users' column.


Sharing the survey to the group of users in a classroom


Step 3: Select a user and click Email.


Sharing the survey to users in a classroom via email


Step 4: The email window looks like, as shown in the screenshot below. Enter your message and the survey link in the message box and send it.


Sending classroom invitation to learners to take the survey


  • Email the survey from a user profile.


You can also open a user's profile and email them the survey link.


Sharing the survey directly with a particular user in the user's profile


That is all about sharing any survey with respondents via different methods.



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