How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) uses a code verification method to confirm the user's identity when accessing an account. In ProProfs Survey Maker, enabling 2FA ensures an extra security layer for your account. 


Here is how it works:  


Enter the login credentials of your ProProfs Survey Maker account as you regularly do, then enter the six-digit security code received on your Google Authenticator App.


Enter login credentials


Enter the unique code from the Google Authenticator app


Two-Factor Authentication safeguards your account from any data breach.


How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication in Survey Maker


Step 1: Navigate to My Account in the top-right corner of your Survey Maker dashboard.


Go to My Account to access account settings


Step 2: Scroll down to locate Two-Factor Authentication and enable it. A slider window opens.


Enable Two-Factor authentication


Step 3: Click Next to proceed to the configuration window. Now, open the Google Authenticator app and scan the QR. Enter the unique code and click Verify.


Scan the QR code in Google Authenticator app, enter the unique code, and verify to enable 2FA


After the verification, the two-factor authentication is active on your account. Click Done to proceed, and don't forget to click Save Settings to enable the changes.


2FA is active on your Quiz Maker account


NOTE: Two-Factor Authentication applies to a single user only.


So, the next time you log in to your ProProfs Survey Maker account, you will be prompted to enter the authentication code from your Google Authenticator app. 


That is all about enabling the Two-factor Authentication on your ProProfs Survey Maker account.



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