How to Enable Navigation in Surveys


Navigation allows you to move to the previous questions in a survey. If the navigation functionality is disabled, you can only move to the next question and not to the previous ones.


Navigation works in the following situations:

1. When a survey is presented in the format of One Question Per Page.

2. When there's a Page Break between questions.


Here's how to access and use the Navigation feature in a survey:


Step 1: Go to a survey's Settings >> General. Under the Presentation section, there's the setting of Navigation Between Pages.


Online survey settings


Step 2: When the Navigation Between Pages setting is enabled, you'll see the Prev (Previous) option in a survey to go back to the previous questions, as shown in the screenshot below.


Navigation in online surveys


Step 2.1: When the Navigation Between Pages setting is disabled. You only get the Next option to move to the next question in a survey. You cannot go back to any previous question.


Navigation disabled in online surveys




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