How to Schedule and Send Survey Invitations via Email


ProProfs Survey Maker makes it easy for you to schedule email invites to your target audience for conducting surveys. With the Schedule Send feature, you can send surveys at a specific date and time as per your requirements. You have the flexibility to choose between One-time and Recurring options to ensure that you receive feedback from your audience as and when required.


Preview of surveys scheduled for users.


Schedule invites preview on Survey Maker dashboard


The survey received by the target user at the scheduled time:


Email invite to take the survey


Benefits of scheduling your surveys:


  • Automated Scheduling: With the Schedule Send feature, you can effortlessly send surveys to your target audience at a predefined date and time.

  • Flexible Feedback Collection: Whether you need feedback once or on a recurring basis, ProProfs Survey Maker allows you to switch between One-time and Recurring options.


How to Schedule and Send Survey Invitations via Email


1. Click the Send icon of a survey you want to schedule.


Click the Send icon


Tip: You can go to Send from the survey editor when creating a new survey.

Send icon in the survey editor to schedule survey


2. Add the recipients in the To: field (1) in the Send Survey overlay. You can customize the email subject and body as well. Once done, click Schedule Send. 


Add recipients, compose the email subject and body, and click Schedule Send


3. Scheduling your survey


You have two options for scheduling your survey:


  • One-time: Choose a specific date and time for your survey.

  • Recurring: Set up a regular schedule for your survey. You can choose from daily, weekly, or monthly frequencies.


For recurring surveys, consider the following settings:


  • Start and End Date: Specify when your survey will be active. If you want your survey to run indefinitely, select “No end date.”

  • Weekly Frequency: Pick a day of the week for your recurring survey.

  • Monthly Frequency: Choose a specific date within the month.


Once done, click Schedule Send.


Schedule the email invite to your survey


After scheduling the survey, you will see the entry in the Schedule column on your dashboard.


Schedule preview for the survey


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our support team.



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