How to Customize Survey Completion Page


When you make a survey with ProProfs, you can choose to redirect your user to a particular webpage when the survey is over or show a customized completion page. The completion page not only shows your custom message but a number of statistics based on the person's responses.


Here's How You Can Customize the Completion Page in a Survey


Step 1: Go to Settings > General and enable "Customize Completion Page" using the toggle button.


Online survey settings


Step 2: Selecting Customizing Completion Page will open multiple options.


Customize survey completion page


Enabling this option displays the following settings:

  • Show social media & sharing links such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.


share the survey via social media


  • Show score: Displays the overall score of survey takers in case scoring was enabled.


survey score


  • Show result: Displays the result if the survey taken is a Scored survey.


Display result of scored survey


  • Show statistics: Displays, in percentage, how popular each option is in a multiple-choice/checkbox question type.


survey stats


  • Show print: Allows the survey takers to print their results.


print survey results

  • Show selected choices: Displays only those answer options that the survey takers select.
  • Show custom message: You can create a custom message that will be displayed when a survey taker submits the survey.


custom message


That is all about customizing the survey completion page.



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