ProProfs Survey Maker Updates Release Note- September 2022


ProProfs Survey Maker, your comprehensive survey tool, just got better, faster, and more pleasing to the eyes. With the recently updated survey editor, users can have all the essential elements available right at their fingertips. Overall, the new update aims to reduce the time and effort in creating a new survey.


A Quick Overview of Our Latest Roll-Out


1. New Survey Editor

2. New Question-Types Panel

3. Quick Survey Settings

4. Additional Aesthetic Touch-ups

5. Presentation


Let us take you through each update in detail.


 New Survey Editor

Focusing on end-users utility, we have completely overhauled our survey editor to give you a smooth experience. You can now enjoy creating, editing, and sharing new surveys.


Here’s a quick comparison between the old and the new editor:

Old Editor


Old SM Editor UI Preview

New Editor


New SM UI Editor Preview


The automation feature is the highlight of the new UI update. Now, you won’t have to click Save every time you add a new question, delete an option, or make any other changes to your survey. The editor will auto-save all your modifications.




Add Question in Old Editor




Add question in New UI


The Preview Feature

To enhance your preview experience, the new UI lets you test-run a particular survey question or the complete survey before sharing it with users. Unlike the old UI, where you can only preview the survey.


Old UI


Preview Button in the old UI


New UI


Preview button in the new UI


 New Question-Types Panel

The revamped version gives you access to every question type in the survey maker under a single panel.


The older UI had a scattered question panel. Also, the descriptions were missing for the question types.


Question panel in Old UI


The new Question Panel has a collection of every question type with small descriptions and relevant examples.


New Question Panel


Also, the Import Questions feature has a new look and feel. The Import Question window also receives an update as you can go back and forth using the buttons.


Old UI


Import feature in the old UI


New UI


Import Feature in the New UI


Another new addition to the survey maker editor is the Add/Upload Media from Library, Google, Pexels, or local storage.


You must click the editor’s media icon to add/edit images.


Add/Upload Images


You can select the media type, i.e., Images or Videos, and choose the source.


You can go to the Upload option and add an image/video of the required file type & size.


These new additions will help you create a more engaging survey for users.


 Quick Survey Settings

The survey settings on the left panel have a refreshing look to give you a more intuitive experience.


Popular Settings (Old)


Popular Settings in the old UI


Popular Settings (New)


Popular Settings in the new UI


A dedicated button takes you to “All settings” in the new UI.


Popular Themes (Old)- Earlier, the thumbnails were small and looked clunky.


Popular Themes in the old UI


Popular Themes (New)- The new UI has bigger, brighter thumbnails. Also, the theme preview is better in the update.


Popular Themes in the new UI


 Additional Aesthetic Touch-ups

The new update brings some advanced settings features in a modernized form to enhance your survey creation experience.


Here’s the notable difference.


Old UI


Advanced Settings in the old UI


New UI


Advanced Settings in the new UI



The new UI has some cool presentation features to make your surveys stand out. You can modify your survey using them in less time.  You can modify your survey using them in less time.


Whether choosing a checkbox or multiple choice for answer options or deciding their orientation on the screen, these settings give you a quick preview in the editor to help you make quick decisions while creating your survey.


Presentation feature in the new UI


As always, we would love to hear your valuable feedback & suggestions on our latest roll-out because we believe software should make you happy.


The new interface is set to go live, and you’ll soon hear more details about what’s in store once the updates are in place.

For the latest updates, you can check our News & Updates page.

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