How to Search & Sort the Surveys on Your Dashboard


Your ProProfs Survey Maker dashboard shows the surveys you've created and the ones assigned to you by other administrators. As a super admin, you can see all the surveys.


Your dashboard not only enables you to manage your surveys but also allows you to do the following:


1. Search the surveys

2. Switch between the Grid and the List views

3. Sort the surveys using predefined filters


Search and sort the surveys


1. Search


The search comes in handy especially when you have a long lineup of surveys and scrolling through them becomes a tedious task. Just use the search field to find a survey on your dashboard. It's as simple as it should be. Take a look at the screenshot below:


Search the surveys


2. Grid and List Views


Switch between the Grid and the List views depending on your preference. Below is a screenshot of the List view. To switch, click on the Grid/List view button.


List View


surveys in list view


Grid View


Grid view of surveys


3. Sort the Surveys Using Filters


The screenshot below shows the number of filters you can use to sort the surveys on your dashboard. Simply click on the Sort By dropdown to use the filters:


Sort the surveys


That is all about searching and sorting surveys in ProProfs Survey Maker.



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