How to Add a Progress Bar to Your Surveys


A progress bar helps respondents know how long a survey is. This transparency improves survey response rates. ProProfs Survey Maker lets you add a progress bar to your surveys and make the time-spent transparent.


By adding a progress bar to your surveys, you can:


  • Increase the completion rate of your surveys by informing users about the number of questions taken and remaining

  • Facilitate a focused survey-taking procedure for respondents


Here’s what a progress bar will look like in your survey:


Percentage Progress Bar

Survey with Percentage Progress Bar enabled


Proportion Progress Bar

Proportion Progress Bar


To Add a Progress Bar in Your Survey


Step 1: On your ProProfs Survey Maker dashboard,

  • Click Settings

  • Navigate to Progress Bar in the General tab

  • Click to enable Progress Bar


Navigating to Progress Bar



Step 2:

  • Choose the type of progress bar: Percentage or Proportion. Here we will choose the Percentage bar option. 

  • Save your changes and click ‘Create’ to the Survey Editor.


Enabling Progress Bar



Note: Percentage shows the percentage of pages completed in a survey, while Proportion indicates the number of questions answered out of the total.


Step 3: Click ‘Preview’ to check the working of the progress bar.


Preview the Survey


Preview of a survey with a progress bar:


Survey Preview with Progress Bar


Note: The progress bar works in One Question and All (Modern) mode.


Now that you have learned how to add a progress bar, you can try adding it to your survey.



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