How to Change the Language of a Survey


ProProfs Survey Maker supports more than 70 languages. You can select your preferred language from the survey settings, which will translate certain text and buttons to the selected language. However, the majority of the text, such as the title and the questions, remains untranslated.


For example, here's how a survey appears when the language is changed to Dutch:


Online survey in Dutch


Note: only the button and certain text have been translated into Dutch, rest remains in English. To have an entire survey into a different language you'll have to prepare the survey in your preferred language, provided it is supported by the ProProfs Survey Maker.


Here's how a survey appears when it is prepared entirely in a different language:



How to Change the Survey Language


Step 1: Go to a survey's Settings >> General.


Online survey settings


Step 2: Locate the Language setting and select the language you want. Once done, save.


Change the language of a survey


That is all about changing the survey interface language.



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