How to Set Survey Availability


The Survey Availability feature lets you decide whether you want your survey to be available forever or for a limited period of time. You can also create a custom message for when your survey is no longer available.


Here's how you can use the Survey Availability feature:


Step 1: Go to a survey's Settings >> Advanced. There, you'll see the Survey Availability setting. You can set it at Always or Custom depending on whether you want the survey to be available all the time or for a limited time. In case you select Custom, you can further set the Start Date, Expiry Date, Start Time, and the Expiry Time.


Online survey availability settings


Step 2: Furthermore, on choosing Custom, you can create a customized message which will tell your users that the survey is no longer available if they try to access it. To create a customized message, click Customize Expired Message.


Custom message for survey availability


Your users will see this message if they'll try to access the survey after it has expired.


Survey availability expired message




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