How to Import Contact Lists with Microsoft Excel


ProProfs Survey Maker provides you various ways to import contact lists for sending surveys to leads and respondents. You can import contact lists from Gmail, Microsoft accounts, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and of course, Excel. With Microsoft Excel, you can upload up to 100 contacts in one go.


Benefits of importing contacts using MS Excel:

  • Easily bulk-import contacts
  • Share surveys with multiple contacts instantly
  • Save time that you would otherwise spend doing it manually


How to Import a Contact List Using Microsoft Excel


Step 1. From your ProProfs Survey Maker dashboard, click on the send icon of the survey you want to share. This is going to open the sharing customization window.


Share a survey


Step 2. On the Email tab, click the MS Excel icon.


Import contacts in the survey using MS Excel


NOTE: Read the instructions around the format of the file or download the sample Excel file and fill in the email addresses.


Sample excel file to import contacts


Below is a screenshot showing a downloaded MS Excel file. Enter the email addresses of your contacts you want to import, as shown below. The header 'Email Addresses' is entered by default, do not change it.


Enter contact details in the excel file


Step 3. Upload the updated MS Excel file to import your contacts.


Upload the excel file and import contacts


You will see a confirmation message upon successful upload of email IDs.




That is all about importing contacts lists via Microsoft Excel.


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