How to Use 'Save & Resume' and Numbering Settings in a Survey


The Save & Resume Survey feature allows you to save your progress in a survey and then resume it if you want to finish the survey later. You do not have to take the survey from the beginning.


Another feature Question & Page Numbering adds a serial number to the page and the question in a survey.


In this article, you'll learn:


1. Enabling Save & Resume Setting

2. Enabling Question Numbering Settings


To Enable the Save & Resume Feature


Step 1: Go to a survey's Settings > Advanced and enable "Save & Resume Survey" using the toggle button


Online survey advanced settings


Once this setting is enabled, you'll get the following pop-up prompting you to sign in (or sign up) when you'll open a survey.


Save and resume online surveys


Once logged in, you'll see the options to save and log out. You can log in anytime later and resume the survey from exactly where you left it earlier.


save your survey


To Enable 'Question & Page Numbering' 


Step 1: Enable the "Question & Page Numbering" setting using the toggle button and click Save to apply the changes.


Question and page numbering in online surveys


Once enabled, you can see the page and question serial numbers in a survey.


question and page numbering

That is all about enabling the "Save & Resume" and "Question & Page Numbering" setting in ProProfs Survey Maker.



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