How to Add Your Company Logo to Your Surveys 


ProProfs Survey Maker provides you the opportunity to gather valuable feedback from your customers in the form of a customized Net Promoter Score (NPS) or brand image survey. The NPS automatically fetches your brand logo, giving customers an engaging high-end survey. You can share the survey with your customers through e-mail or direct link, or you can embed it on your website, and configure it strategically on key pages as a pop-up or sidebar. A customized survey with your logo is a  sure-shot method to gain insights on business areas for improvement. 


Follow the below steps to create a brand image survey


Step 1: Log in to your ProProfs Survey Maker account, click create a survey, from the options select "Create Net Promoter Score."




Step 2: Enter your website in the dialog box, click "Try It Out" to preview the survey with your company/brand logo.




Step 3:  Once satisfied with the preview, click "Use This Template."



Step 4: In the survey editor, adjust settings or add features to customize the survey. Click "Preview" to view the survey with implied changes, click "Done" to proceed to your dashboard.


Preview changes and mark as done


Step 5:  Here's how the preview will appear. You can select from the preview for different devices from the top left corner of the screen. Click "Done" to go back to the survey editor.



Step 6: To change or select a different logo, navigate to survey "Settings">"Theme" and select "Logo." Click "Browse" to select a logo file.



 Step 7: Click the 'send' icon to send the survey directly to your customers through e-mail.



Step 8: Select a method to send or incorporate your survey.


Select survey deployment method


Here's a video with further information on how you can create a survey using ProProfs Survey Maker:


Video About: How To Create A Free Online Survey


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