How to Set Up Security for Your Survey


Surveys are a great way to collect feedback, opinions, and data from your audience. However, you may want to limit who can access and respond to your surveys for various reasons.


For example, by setting up security, you may want to: 

  • Protect the privacy of your respondents
  • Ensure the validity of your data, or
  • Target a specific group of people


To configure security for your survey:


Step 1: Go to Settings > Security on your survey dashboard. You can toggle the Security Setting option between Public and Private. If you select Public, your survey will be available to anyone who visits the link.


Security settings of a survey


Step 2: When it is private, you get the following options (as also shown in the screenshot below):

  • Private access with a link.
  • Private access with a password.
  • Private access for selected users & groups.


Private access with a link is the simplest option of the three. You can just share the link with the users with whom you want to share the survey.


Private access to survey via link


Step 2.1: When you select the option Private access with a password, you get a text field where you can enter any text as the password which your respondents will use to access the survey. You will have to share this password and the survey link with the respondents you want to share the survey with.


Private security setting of a survey


Step 2.2: The last option is Private access for selected users & groups. Respondents can access this survey using a unique combination of username and password provided by you. To manage users and groups, click Manage Users.


Private security setting of a survey


Step 3: Go to the Users tab. Then select a user and click on the edit icon.


Manage users of online surveys


Step 4: Assign a password to the user.


Assign username and password for surveys


Step 5: Select a survey from the list on the left side, and it will be automatically added to the right, as shown below. The selected surveys have now been assigned to this user. Once done, save.


Assign surveys to users


That is all about setting the survey security. 



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