What Is the Survey Availability Setting?


The survey availability setting is a basic timer setting. This setting enables you to set an expiration date on your surveys.  Once the expiration date passes, the survey is no longer visible to survey takers. This feature can be used for surveys which are relevant for certain time periods. This setting also ensures that if a survey becomes relevant again, a new timer can be set for the same survey.


Examples where this setting can be used:


1. An annual HR survey to gauge employee satisfaction

2. An annual survey to find out the president's approval ratings

3. A review survey regarding an event


The following steps will show you how to set survey availability:


Step 1: In a survey, go to Settings---->General.



Step 2: Change the 'Survey Availability' from Always to Custom.


Step 3: Set the Start and Expiry date & time.



Step 4: Click on Save.



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