How to Enable Email Notifications for My Survey


With email notification settings, survey administrators can receive alerts via email every time someone completes their survey. Additionally, administrators can enable email notifications for survey takers and other stakeholders, allowing them to stay informed about survey progress and results.


Survey administrators can also share various reports with stakeholders, providing detailed insights into survey responses and trends. These features make it easy to keep everyone involved in the survey process up-to-date and informed.


To Enable Email Notifications for Your Surveys


Step 1: Go to Settings > Notifications.


Notifications for online surveys


Under Notifications, you get the following email notifications settings:


1. Email Notification: Enable this when you want to be informed each time your survey is taken.

  • You can further enable email notification for your survey takers who take this particular survey. You can choose to share the Full Report, Score Only, or Report Only, with your survey takers. Enter your email in the text field Send email from. Any survey reports will be sent from this email ID.


Email notifications for online surveys


  • Send survey reports such as Full Report, Score Only, Report Only, and Answered Only, to other individuals and stakeholders as well. You can include up to five email addresses here.


Email notifications for surveys


2. Email Notification Subject: Add a customized subject line to your email notifications. Alternatively, if you have a Single Textbox question in your survey, you can include its response as the subject itself.


Subject line for email notifications


3. Email Signature: Create your email signature, which will appear at the bottom of every email notification that will go through the email ID you provide.


Email signature for survey notifications


Once you have configured the email notification settings, be sure to save your changes. 


That is all about enabling email notifications for your surveys.



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