How to Block Users From Reattempting a Survey & Restricting Spam


You can block your users from reattempting a survey so that they may not provide contradictory answers for the same experience. This is helpful in maintaining the genuineness of the information provided by the survey takers.


There's another risk with online surveys, and that's spamming. You can use the Captcha setting to ensure that your users are real and not bots. It prompts the users to tick certain images from a gallery of images. You can only submit a survey after ticking the correct images.


How to Block Users From Reattempting a Survey


Step 1: Go to a survey's Settings >> Security.


block rettempts settings of online surveys


On this screen:


1. Enable the Block setting.

2. Once enabled, it provides the following options:

  • Block by computer: Any reattempt with the same device will be blocked.
  • Block by IP: Any reattempt from the same IP, irrespective of the device, will be blocked.


You'll get the following message on trying to open the survey after enabling Block by computer or Block by IP.


Online survey warning message


3. Enabling the Block option automatically disables the option Attempts Allowed Per User. This is a natural course of action since you're blocking reattempts entirely.


4. Total Attempts Allowed: This indicates the total number of attempts allowed for a single survey, irrespective of the number of users. For example, you've set five attempts for a particular survey, as shown in the screenshot above. Now, those five attempts can be utilized by a single user or five different users (one attempt for each user). Once those five attempts are done, this particular survey will no longer be available for the taking. Once you're done with all these settings, save.




This is the message you'll get on trying to access the survey after using the number of reattempts allowed to you.


Warning message for online survey


Spamming is a major issue that can compromise the authenticity of the data you collect through your surveys. You can avoid this problem by activating the Captcha setting.


How to Activate the Captcha Setting


Step 1: Under the Security tab, locate the Captcha setting at the bottom and enable it. Once done, save.


Captcha setting in online surveys


This is how the Captcha appears in a survey.


Captcha for online surveys


That is all about blocking users from reattempting a survey and restricting spam.



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