How to Redirect a User to a Webpage After Survey Completion


ProProfs Survey Maker allows you to configure a custom redirection URL so that when a user submits their survey, they can be automatically redirected to a specific webpage. This feature enables you to direct survey takers to a landing page, a thank you page, or any other targeted page after completing your survey. With this customization, you can create a seamless and engaging survey experience for your users, driving them toward further action.


Configuring a custom redirection URL is easy with the ProProfs Survey Maker and can help you to optimize your survey completion rates and user engagement.


To Redirect a User to a Webpage


Step 1: Go to  Settings > General and scroll down to the option On Survey Completion. Select the option Redirect to webpage and enter the webpage URL in the box provided (as shown in the screenshot below). Once done, save.


redirect survey to webpage


That is all about redirecting users to a webpage after survey completion.



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