How to Integrate ProProfs Survey Maker With MailChimp


ProProfs Survey Maker allows for direct integration with MailChimp. This integration helps you capture the details(name, email, etc) of survey takers and add them as leads. After completion, you can start populating MailChimp mailing lists by automatically importing the details of survey takers.


Here's how you will integrate Mailchimp with a survey


Step 1: Go to Settings of the survey you want to integrate Mailchimp with. 



Step 2: Go to Integrations and enable MailChimp.


Enable Mailchimp integration


Step 3: Enter the API Key and press Next.



Step 4: Select the MailChimp list you want to send the leads to. Specify what email should be sent to a new lead and press Next. The Opt-in Mail asks for subscriber confirmation whereas the Welcome Email simply sends a welcome message. 



Step 5: In the next dialog box, you can choose what data would be sent over to MailChimp. The data fields specified consists of the details a user has submitted before taking a survey. The data fields you do not specify are not sent over to MailChimp. Once done, Press Next.



Step 6: Press Finish to complete the integration


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