How to Integrate ProProfs Survey Maker With Salesforce


ProProfs Survey Maker provides a smooth and easy way to integrate surveys with Salesforce CRM. With the integration of Salesforce, you can send surveys, receive responses and create leads. This integration helps in creating a better customer support system.


Benefits of Integrating Survey Maker with SalesForce:


  • Provides an excellent platform to identify and understand the customer base.
  • Analyze survey responses directly within SalesForce to capture potential leads.
  • Sync data between Survey Maker and SalesForce to drive down unexpected churn.
  • Improve upsell opportunities.

How to Integrate ProProfs Survey Maker with SalesForce


Follow the steps given below to integrate Survey Maker with Salesforce. 


Step 1: Go to Settings > Integrations, and enable the Salesforce integration using the toggle button.


salesforce integration


Step 3: Enter your SalesForce details and click Next.



Step 4: Select the type of list you want to generate from the dropdown and press Next.



Step 5: Map your survey fields to sync it with SalesForce. Once done, click on Finish.


Map your survey fields to Salesforce fields

That is all about integrating ProProfs Survey Maker with Salesforce.



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