How to Integrate Qualaroo with ProProfs Survey Maker


Integrating ProProfs Survey Maker and Qualaroo enables you to copy your survey responses in Qualaroo and leverage its reporting analytics. 

The screenshot below displays the total responses collected in your Qualaroo account for the survey you created using ProProfs Survey Maker.


Qualaroo report view


ProProfs Survey Report in Qualaroo


Individual response view


Individual Response View


What are the benefits of integrating ProProfs Survey Maker with Qualaroo?

  • Leverage reporting analytics of Qualaroo, such as performing sentiment analysis on survey responses using IBM Watson
  • Plan and target contextual Qualaroo nudges based on survey responses you collect for more insights


This article covers the following:


1. Integrating ProProfs Survey Maker with Qualaroo 

2. Mapping Question Types


1. A survey in Survey Maker
2. A survey in Qualaroo with the same question types and answer options


To Integrate ProProfs Survey Maker with Qualaroo


1. After creating a survey in Survey Maker, go to its settings and switch to the Integrations tab. Locate and enable ProProfs Qualaroo.


Enable Qualaroo integration


2. The ProProfs Survey Maker + Qualaroo integration wizard opens. Paste the API key from your Qualaroo account in the field. Click Next.


Paste the Qualaroo API Key


3. Select the survey you created in your Qualaroo account from the dropdown to meet the prerequisite. Click Next.


Select the Survey


4. The final step requires you to map the question type in Survey Maker and Qualaroo.


The Survey Maker question types are on the left, and you will find questions with the matching tag in the Qualaroo survey in the dropdown.


Map Survey Questions with Qualaroo


Once done, click Next to finish the integration.


Question Type Mapping


Please refer to the table below to learn about the question types in the ProProfs Survey and their equivalents in Qualaroo.


ProProfs Survey


Multiple Choice ➡️


Multi ➡️


Name and Email ➡️

Single-line Text

Essay ➡️


Rating ➡️

Thumb, Emoji, and Star Rating

List ➡️


NPS ➡️



Leverage the integration to facilitate the seamless exchange of data and report generation of your ProProfs Survey Maker surveys in Qualaroo.


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 



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