Different Types of Surveys and Their Use Cases 


With ProProfs Survey Maker, you can create a variety of surveys depending on the kind of feedback you're looking for from your customers. We provide you with seven survey types, each of which is designed to extract specific information; for example, customer feedback on an operator's performance after a chat, what kind of product your customer prefers, how likely they are to buy your product, and so on.


You can choose from multiple templates under each survey type and customize them depending on your requirements. Alternatively, you can choose to create a new survey from scratch.


Let's Take a Look at Each Survey in Detail


1. Net Promoter Score


Customer support NPS


Net Promoter Score or NPS is a one-question survey meant to gauge the interest level of your website visitors in your products and services on a scale of 0 to 10. Questions such as 'How likely are you to buy this product?' are an excellent example of the NPS survey. An ideal scenario for this survey would be when a website visitor has shown interest in your product. An NPS survey can potentially drive your website visitors towards the next move - making a purchase.


2. In-App Survey


In-app survey sample


The In-app survey is used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Creating leads by requesting credentials like name, email, and phone number
  • Seeking feedback on whether or not a particular product, process or an article is helpful
  • Descriptive feedback on improving user experience


These surveys appear at the bottom of the web page/web app without causing any hindrance to the user experience.


3. Web Form


Web form survey


A Web Form can be used for taking detailed feedback and generating leads by asking multiple questions. They can be easily embedded on your website and appear as a complete page.


4. Popup Survey


popup survey


Popup Survey provides you with an opportunity to generate leads and re-engage users to take valuable feedback before they leave your website. A Popup Survey can trigger in the following situations:

  • While scrolling a webpage
  • After a website visitor has spent a particular amount of time on the website
  • When a website visitor shows exit-intent


5. Sidebar Forms


sidebar forms


A Sidebar form is accessible through a tab that is located neatly at the outer edge of your website window. Users can click it and a popup window will to receive quick feedback, contact you, generate leads, and seek any other information that the form is designed to do.


6. Scored Survey


scored survey


A Scored Survey enables you to take detailed as well as diverse feedback from your website visitors using the scoring system. For example, you can create a Scored Survey consisting of five multiple-choice questions having four answers each. You can assign different scores to each answer in each question. This will give you cumulative scores for different users based on the answers they will choose.


You can use these scores to understand your user-base better and narrow down on their preferences so that you can approach them later accordingly and so on.




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