How to Create a Survey From Scratch Using ProProfs Survey Maker



A Survey is a questionnaire that allows you to get feedback from your customers. Surveys are created for various purposes, such as to know about your website performance, employee performance, customer preferences, market research, and so on.


Depending on your requirements, you can create a survey from scratch or select one from our wide range of templates categorized under Customer, Employee, Education, Market Research, Event, and Course Feedback.


For example, a product survey looks like this:


Product satisfaction NPS


Here's How You Can Create a Survey From Scratch


Step 1: On your ProProfs Survey Maker Dashboard, click + Create a Survey.


Create a survey


Step 2: Click Create Survey.


Create a survey with ProProfs Survey Maker


Step 3: Click on the + Create from Scratch button to get started. You can also choose to click on the Create button, as shown in the bottom left corner in the screenshot.


Create from scratch


Step 4: You'll arrive in the editor where you can add several elements to your survey like questions, themes, branding, logo, and so on. Start by giving a name to your survey by clicking Untitled Survey.


Name survey by clicking Untitled Survey


Step 5: Give a title to your survey in the Untitled Survey text box. You can add a description and image as well. Once you're done, click Save to go back to the editor.


 edit the title of your survey


Step 6: Back in the editor, click More >> Popular Settings where you can choose the number of questions per page in a survey. You can also select the order of questions and answers that you want to display to each respondent.


Popular settings


Step 6.1: Apply a theme to your survey by clicking the Popular Themes dropdown setting. Customize the theme further by applying your company logo, background image, colors, and more, by clicking the Customize your theme option.


Apply & customize survey theme


Step 7: Click Preview to see how the survey will appear to the viewer. Once you've created the survey and are happy about the way it looks, click Done. Congratulations, your survey is ready to use!


Preview and mark as done




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