How to Create a Web Form Survey


A Web Form consists of multiple questions to extract useful information from the survey takers. For example, information such as a customer's usage pattern of a product, how often they visit a particular website, what do they like the most about a specific product, and so on.


A Web Form can also be presented as a registration form as well as for generating leads, among other things.


This is how a Web Form looks like:



To Create a Web Form


Step 1. Click +Create a Survey on your ProProfs Survey Maker dashboard.


Create a survey with ProProfs Survey Maker


Step 2: Scroll down to the option Create Web Form and click it.




Step 3: Create from Scratch or choose from a variety of templates from our library.



In case you choose to create from scratch, follow the steps from Step 3 to Step 7 in How to Create a Survey.




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