How to Create an In-App Survey


The In-app survey appears in a collapsible window designated at the bottom of a webpage or a mobile app. Such a survey is generally created according to the webpage it is meant to be used on.


For example, you can have a pricing-related in-app survey on a product pricing page. Similarly, you can put a survey on how helpful an article is if it's a blog, and so on.


In-app surveys serve the following purposes:

  • Lead Generation
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Product Feedback
  • Content Feedback
  • Website Feedback


This is how an In-app survey appears on a webpage:


In-app survey example


Here's how you can create an In-app survey


Step 1: Click + Create a Survey on your ProProfs Survey Maker dashboard.


Create a survey with ProProfs Survey Maker


Step 2: Click Create In-App Survey.



Step 3: Click + Create from Scratch to get started. Alternatively, you can move your mouse over the white box under the text Create From Scratch and click Create when it appears.




Step 4: You're on the Manage Survey screen now. It is where you edit a survey including adding/removing questions, branding, logo, and more. Start by giving a name to your survey by clicking the Untitled Survey.




Step 5: Enter the question that you'd like to ask your website visitors and customers. If you want, you can insert an image by clicking the Change Image option. You can even enter a short description of the survey in the empty text box below the question.


Once done, Save.


edit survey title


Step 6: Back on the editor, you can start adding questions to your survey. For example, click Multiple Choice to add a multiple-choice question.




Step 7: Clicking Multiple Choice opens it for editing.


  1. Type your question.
  2. Name the options and add more options.


add questions and options


  1. You can choose to:
    • Apply the branching logic
    • Prompt the survey taker to add a comment for their answer
    • Hide the question
    • Make it appear horizontally or vertically


Add an image to your question. Make the selection either using a checkbox or radio buttons. You can even assign points to the options. Once you're done, save.




That is all about creating In-app surveys.


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