How to Create a Popup Survey


A Popup Survey enables you to engage your website visitors more, providing you the opportunity to take quick feedback or create leads.


Popup surveys are intended to trigger strategically in response to certain user actions like page-scrolling, time spent on a page, and when a user is about to close a page (exit intent).


With ProProfs Survey Maker, you can create a popup survey easily. There are 100+ professionally designed survey templates for you to get started quickly. Use a template as is, or customize it to suit your specific needs. Get insightful survey reports and improve your website performance.


In this article, you'll learn:

  1. How to create a Popup survey
  2. How to access a Popup survey report


1. How to create a Popup survey:


Step 1. On your ProProfs Survey Maker dashboard, click on the +Create a Survey button.




Step 2. Go to Create Popup Survey.




Step 3. You can either choose to Create From Scratch or select a template based on your needs.




Step 4. Click Preview to see the look and feel of it, and then click Use This Template to open it for customization.




Step 5. Click Popular Settings to expand popup trigger settings.




Step 6. Select at least one or all three Popup Triggers here, depending on your requirements. 

  • Show on a timer - Set a time limit after which the popup should trigger.
  • Show after scrolling - Set the % of page scroll after which the popup should trigger.
  • Show on exit-intent - This setting triggers the popup when the user is about to close the page. 





Step 7. Make sure to Preview your Popup Triggers to see if it's behaving the way it should. 




Step 8. The preview should appear somewhat like this.




Step 9. Click Done to save the changes made. 




2. How to access a Popup survey report


ProProfs provides you with detailed reports to track the Pageviews, Impressions, Conversions, and Conversion Rate, which gives you insights into how many people visited your webpage, how many clicked on the surveys, and how many canceled them. These reports also give you the conversion rate to gauge the performance of your webpage.


Below are the steps to access a Popup Trigger Survey report:


Step 1. Go to Reports.




Step 2. Click on Stats.




Step 3. This will open up a detailed report highlighting Pageviews, Impressions, Conversions, and Conversion Rate.




Step 4. Scroll down further to see this data as graphs.

  • Pageviews: Pageviews denote the number of times your webpage, where you've set a Popup Trigger Survey, is visited.




  • Impressions: Each time a Popup Trigger Survey launches, it is counted as an impression.




  • Conversion: Whenever a visitor moves ahead with a popup, by clicking on a button such as 'Submit', 'Yes', 'Ok', it is taken as a conversion. Please note that closing a popup window or canceling a popup doesn't count as a conversion.




  • Conversion Rate: Conversion rate is obtained using the formula (Conversions/Impressions) * 100





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