How to Create a Sidebar Form Survey


A Sidebar Form is named so as it is accessible through a bar or a button located at the side edge of your website window. Like other surveys, a Sidebar Form can be used for several purposes, from taking feedback to generating leads.


As shown in the screenshot below, clicking the Feedback button on the right edge of the website window leads to the Sidebar Form:



Here's how you can create a Sidebar Form survey:


Step 1: Click + Create a Survey on your ProProfs Survey Maker dashboard.


create a survey


Step 2: Locate the option Create Sidebar Forms and click it.




Step 3: Either click on the +Create from Scratch button or on the Create button.


create from scratch


Step 4: Begin by:

  • Adding a title to your survey by clicking the "Edit Cover."
  • Adding a question that serves your purpose.


add title and questions


Step 5: Once you've added the survey title and a question, you can now see how different settings for the Sidebar Form function. These settings can be accessed below the Sidebar Settings option on the left side panel.


sidebar form settings

1. Corner Radius: It is a slider scale that controls the sharpness of the corners of the survey button. As shown in the screenshots below:


At the scale of 1, the corners are sharp or flat:

At the scale of 14, the corners are rounded:

2. Button Text: Name the button that best explains the purpose of your survey.

3. Edit the color of the sidebar button, change the font, and its size.

4. Position: Adjust whether the sidebar button should be located on the left edge of the browser window or the right edge. By default, it's located on the right edge of the browser window.

5. Open survey as: Choose whether the survey should open as a new window or as a pop-up window.

6. Questions per page: Choose whether you'd like to display one question per page or all questions on a single page.


Click Done when you've created the Sidebar survey and it is ready to use.




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