How to Create a Scored Survey Using ProProfs Survey Maker




ProProfs allows you to add scoring to a survey to convert your survey into an assessment, evaluation or lead qualification tool. With scored surveys, you can assign values to each response option selected by the survey taker. The data collected from such a survey helps you effectively measure your respondents' satisfaction and opinions.

Benefits of a scored survey:

  • Create customer satisfaction surveys and follow-up with customers whose survey score represents a poor satisfaction level.
  • Turn your survey into an online assessment with scoring done by assigning points to each response option.
  • Conduct effective market research by turning survey responses into measurable statistical data.


Let us look at a classic example of a scored survey when it is used to analyze customer satisfaction:


Example of scored survey


The survey above has points assigned to its answers. The points can be evaluated in the reports section.


Survey Question: Would You Recommend Our Product To A Colleague Or A Friend?


Survey Response Options:

  • Yes: 5 points
  • No: 0 points

You can use the points they've scored and categorize your customers into Satisfied (5 points) and Unsatisfied (0 points). Similarly, you can use scored surveys for a number of training, education or marketing purposes. 


Here's How You Can Create A Scored Survey


Step 1: On your ProProfs Survey Maker dashboard, click on the + Create a Survey button.


Create a survey


Step 2: Navigate to the option Create Scored Survey and click it.


Create Scored Survey


Step 3: Click on either of the Create from Scratch buttons.


Create from scratch


Step 4: On the Manage Survey screen, start by giving a name to your scored survey by clicking the Untitled Survey option.


Name scored surveys & choose question type


Step 5: Enter a name for your survey in the text field provided, as shown in the screenshot below. You can put an image for your survey by clicking the Change Image button. Once done, click Save.


Add survey name, image, and save changes


Step 6: Start adding questions that are applicable for scoring. For example, click Multiple Choice to edit and add it.


Question types


Step 7: When the multiple-choice question is opened for editing, click on the Assign Points option to add scoring to the answers.


Assign points to surveys


Step 8: A popup window will appear containing text boxes against each answer. Assign a point (score) to each answer in their respective text boxes. Click Save once you've added the points. Congratulations, scoring is now applied to this particular question. If a user answers 'A', they'll earn 5 points, and for the answer 'B', they'll be awarded 2 points. Similarly, you can add more questions and apply scoring to them.


Apply scores to options

That is all about creating a scored survey.


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