How to Create Net Promoter® Score Surveys


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Net Promoter Score or NPS survey consists of one question intended to garner a quick response from the customers and website visitors. Your customers respond to the NPS question using a rating scale. Use this survey to track customer ratings, analyze their feedback, and measure customer experience over time.


For example, this is how a customer support NPS survey looks like:


NPS survey


To Create an NPS Survey


Step 1: On your ProProfs Survey Maker dashboard, click + Create a Survey.


create a survey


Step 2: Locate the option Create Net Promoter Score and click it.


Create Net Promoter Score Survey


Step 3: Select from a number of NPS templates to begin creating an NPS survey. For example, move your mouse pointer over the Customer Support NPS template and click Use This Template.


select NPS template


Step 4: On the Manage Survey screen, you can edit the default question if you want to. To do that, hover the mouse pointer over the question and click Edit Question when it appears. You can also add a new NPS question by clicking the NPS Scale question-type under the NPS Survey Fields dropdown.


edit nps survey question


Step 4.1: You can edit what the question says by clicking on it, in case you'd like to ask something else to your customers. You can also edit the NPS Scale Labels that are displayed above the NPS scale. Additionally, shown at the bottom of the screenshot is the text that is used as the response to the survey taker's answer. The 'X' in the sentence is replaced by the number from the NPS scale that the survey taker selects. Click Save once you're done editing the question.


edit nps scale labels


Congratulations, your NPS survey is ready to use.


That is all about creating NPS surveys.


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