What Is a Good Net Promoter Score and How to Achieve It?


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Net Promoter Score survey is based on a rating scale. By nature, low rating indicates negative feedback, middle rating means average feedback and the higher rating points towards positive feedback. Naturally, every business works on achieving the highest rating possible.


NPS survey takers are categorized into three sections based on a scale of 0 to 10. Let's understand each of these three categories:


NPS Scale Rating Survey Takers Categories
0 - 6 Detractors
7 - 8 Passives
9 - 10 Promoters
  • Detractors: People who give a rating between 0 and 6. They are undoubtedly unhappy with your product and services and are likely to spread negative word-of-mouth. It is imperative to understand the reasons behind their dissatisfaction as they can also drive away your potential customers.
  • Passives: People who give a rating of 7 and 8. They are neutral, neither unhappy nor entirely satisfied. They will not badmouth your business; at the same time, they will not go out of their way to recommend you to others. That said, they are vulnerable to negative publicity but they are also your potential customers. Quick efforts are needed to convert them before they move away to the competition.
  • Promoters: People who give a rating of 9 and 10. They are happy with your products and services as well as loyal to your brand. They spread positive word-of-mouth and recommend you to their friends and family. They play a very important role in promoting your business as the word-of-mouth publicity is considered genuine.




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