What Is the Difference Between Quiz, Survey, Scored Survey, and Poll?


ProProfs offers you different ways to gather feedback from your customers, target audience, as well as test the knowledge of your learners.



A quiz comprises of a series of questions that are designed to test the knowledge of your learners or students. It can also be used to compete between individuals and teams.


ProProfs offers a variety of quiz questions such as multiple-choice, checkbox, essay, choose from the list, true/false, dropdown, fill in the blanks, and more.


Furthermore, our quizzes are divided into two categories:

Scored Quiz: The quiz takers get a total score in the end based on the answers they've given. A Scored quiz is primarily designed to test the knowledge of your learners. Create a Scored quiz.


Personality Quiz: The quiz takers get a personality at the end of a quiz based on their answers. Such a quiz is suitable to understand the behavioral aspect of an individual. A professional work environment and schools can use such quizzes to understand the characters of their employees and students better. Create a Personality quiz.



A survey is used for several purposes such as gathering feedback from your customers, market research, and even employee satisfaction. A survey is not about the correct or incorrect answers, instead, it is about knowing individual preferences and trends for a better understanding of the market and the target audience. Create a Survey.


Scored Survey

A Scored survey consists of questions that have some points allocated to their answers, in order to create a cumulative score at the end. Such results help in quantifying the feedback from your customers and website visitors. Create a Scored survey.



A Poll consists of a single question and is a great way to get people's opinions and preferences. Also, it is a popular voting method. Create a Poll.




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