How to Add Section Breaks and Private Notes to a Survey


Section Break allows you to divide your survey into sections. For example, your survey can have questions relating to the personal details such as the name and email, as well as questions relating to your customers' experiences with your products or services. You can apply a section break to differentiate between the two sets of questions.


You can also add additional notes or comments in the survey reports.


Here's How You Can Add a Section Break in Your Survey


Step 1: Click "+Add Question Section Break > Add question."


add section break


Step 2: Enter a suitable title and a description for the section. Once done, save.


Section break in online survey


Step 3: Drag and drop the section break between the questions where you want to apply it.


section break


Step 4: Before you preview the survey or save it, make sure to keep the order of the question to Do not shuffle questions. To do that, go to Settings >> General and assign Do not shuffle questions for the setting Order of Questions.



This is how a section break appears in your survey:


Online survey


Here's How You Can Add Notes or Comments in the Survey Reports


Step 1: On your ProProfs Survey Maker dashboard, access the reports of the survey you want.


View online survey report


Step 2.1: Click on the note icon of the report you want to add a note.


Add note to online survey report


Step 2.2: Add your note/comment in the box.


Add comment to online survey


Step 2.3: You can see the added note under the Comment column.


Comment on online survey report


There's an alternative way to add a note to a report, as mentioned below.


Step 2.1: You can click the response icon below the Response column.


view response


Step 2.2: Click Add Note.


Add comment to online survey report


That is all about adding section breaks and private notes to a survey.



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