How to Create a Survey Using AI


Create surveys quickly by leveraging the power of ProProfs AI. Generate and add questions specific to your requirements and collect user responses for better insights. 

Here’s what generating survey questions using AI will look like:


AI-generated Survey Questions Preview


Benefits of using artificial intelligence (AI) for creating surveys:

  • Efficiency: Generate engaging questions quickly, with no need for manual creation.
  • Quality: Clear, concise, and unbiased surveys for better data collection.
  • Engagement: Create surveys that are tailored to your audience and goals to increase response rates by capturing user interest.


To create a survey using AI:


1. On your dashboard, click Create a Survey to build a survey from scratch or use a template. Or you can generate and add questions to an existing survey using AI.


Here, we will edit an existing survey by clicking Edit.


Create a new survey or edit an existing survey


2. In the survey editor, click Add Question.


Add a new question to your survey


3. Click the Generate with ProProfs AI button to proceed.


Click the Generate with ProProfs AI button to use AI to generate questions for your survey


4. In the overlay,


  • Tell the AI what the survey is about (max 100 characters)

  • Provide a brief description supporting the survey (max 200 characters)

  • Select the question type and the number of questions you want to generate from the respective dropdowns.

  • Finally, click Generate with ProProfs AI to see the magic happen.


Use AI to generate questions for your survey by feeding prompts and other details


Use sample prompts to get started with ProProfs AI.


  • Choose to add all (1) questions to your survey, or you can select individual questions.
  • Delete questions by hovering over it and clicking the Delete button.

  • If you didn’t like the responses, click Regenerate Questions.

  • Use the Clear All button to remove the responses and start again.


Review the AI-generated Questions to add them or use the Clear All or the Regenerate Questions options


The advantage of using AI lies in its ability to customize the generated survey questions quickly and efficiently by incorporating specific details about your survey.


5. You can then continue adding more questions to your survey or click the Go to Survey button to return to the survey editor.


Add more questions or return to the survey editor


Here’s what the newly added AI-generated questions will look like in the editor. You can modify the question text, options, and other settings. 


Newly Added AI-generated question in the survey editor


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team



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