How to Use Comments to Gather Feedback


You can allow your customers and website visitors to provide additional comments along with their responses to the survey questions. Comments allow them to provide extra feedback about their experience with your website, products, or services, thereby, giving you an opportunity to get more useful information.


Comments can be added to the following question types:

  • Multiple-Choice
  • Checkbox
  • Grid of Choices
  • Text Box (since it allows the survey takers to share their experiences in detail)


Here's How You Can Enable Comments in Your Survey


Step 1: Click +Add Question. Select the required question type and click "Add Question" in the screen overlay.


select question type for commenting


Step 2: Enable the option Ask for comment on answer under Advanced. As shown in the screenshot below, your survey takers can add a small comment or a large comment to the answer they select. Once you're done customizing the question, save.


Edit a survey question


This is how the comment field could looks like after selecting an answer to a survey question:


Add comments to an online survey question


That is all about enabling comments in survey questions.



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