How to Assign Points to a Survey


Adding points to your survey questions help you in evaluating the satisfaction level of your customers even more effectively. This also allows you to personalize your surveys depending on the depth of data you're looking to collect.


Note: Scoring works only on the following question types: Multiple-Choice, Checkbox, Choose from List, Rating Scale.


You can add points to your surveys in two ways:


1. By enabling scoring from the settings.

2. By adding scoring to the individual questions.


Here's How to Enable Scoring for Surveys From the Settings


Step 1: On your ProProfs Survey Maker dashboard, go to Settings >> Scoring and do the following:


  1. Enable the Score setting.
  2. Click Manage Point Assignment.


scoring settings


Step 2: Assign points to each option as mentioned and click "Save." 


Assign points to survey questions


Step 3: You can also assign a score range that allows you to categorize the total points scored by the survey taker. If you'd like to add another score range, you can do that by clicking "Add Another."


Define scoring range for survey questions


How to Add Scoring to Individual Questions


Step 1: In the survey editor, click "Edit Question." 


Edit survey question online


NOTE: Set the VIEW to "All Questions & Answers" to access the "Edit Question" button.

Step 2: Click Assign points.


Assign points to survey question


Step 3: Assign points to each answer option and click Save.




That is all about assigning points to surveys.



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