How to Add a 'Record Video' Question to Your Survey


Make your surveys more interactive with ProProfs. Choose from 20+ question types, including the ‘Record Video’ question that allows your survey takers to answer questions by recording a video in real-time. They can even upload a previously recorded video file.


Benefits of the 'Record Video' question:

  • An engaging way to answer survey questions
  • A simple way to prompt customers to record video testimonials
  • Gives a good idea about the personality of your survey takers


This is how a ‘Record Video’ question appears in a survey:


Record video in a survey


To Add a ‘Record Video’ Question 


Step 1. On the Manage Survey page, go to Questions >> More on the left side menu and click on the Record Video question type.


select the question type


Step 2. Customize the question as required, 


1. Enter your question here.
2. Describe how survey takers can answer this question.


edit question and description

3. Under Advanced, click on the dropdown menu to select one of the following options for answering the question: Record a video answer, Upload a video answer, Record or upload video answer.
4. Enter the maximum record time for the video.
5. Add an image for this question.
6. Make this question mandatory or optional for the survey takers.
7. Hide/Unhide the question for your survey takers. Hidden questions are visible only to you the admins.




When you’re done customizing the question, click Save. The ‘Record Video’ question is now successfully added to your survey.



That is all about adding a recording question in ProProfs Survey.



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