How to Create a Selfie Question


You guessed it right! The ‘Selfie’ question is about letting users take a selfie as an answer to a survey question. Respondents also get the freedom to either take a selfie or upload a previously taken selfie image.


There can be many use cases, but this question type is helpful, especially in scenarios like a company is surveying its employees for job satisfaction, seeking feedback about an event using an internal employee survey, asking its customers for testimonials along with their pictures, and so on.


Benefits of the Selfie question in a survey:

  • Add a personal touch to the survey
  • Increase user engagement


Here’s how a Selfie question looks like:


Selfie question type


How to Add a ‘Selfie’ Question to a Survey


Step 1: Click +Add Question. Select "Selfie" as the question type and click "Add Question" in the screen overlay"


Selfie as question type


Step 2. Follow the instructions in the screenshot below to customize the ‘Selfie’ question.


1. By default, the question reads, ‘Take a selfie.’ You can edit it to suit your preference.


edit questiion

2. Under ‘Advanced,’ you can apply branching using the ‘Jump To’ dropdown. It allows you to decide how the survey proceeds after the survey taker has responded to this question. You can choose to go to the next page, a particular question, or submit the survey.


Branching in surveys


3. Enable ‘Upload Photo’ if you want to allow the survey takers to upload their pictures as an alternative to taking selfies.
4. Make this question mandatory for survey takers.
5. Hide this question from survey takers. A hidden question is only visible to you.
6. After completing the customization, you can preview how it would appear to your survey takers.



Click "Save" to apply the changes. 




Click ‘Take a Selfie.


Take a selfie


Click/Tap ‘Snap It’ to take a selfie or go back to the question.


Click a selfie


Once a survey taker has clicked their picture, they have the option to retake or edit the photo before submitting it.


Retake or edit a selfie


The ‘Edit’ option enables you to rotate the image left or right. You can even customize the dimensions by stretching the picture. ‘Reset’ if you don’t like the changes. After completing the edits, click ‘Save’ to submit.


Submit a selfie


As an alternative to taking a selfie, the ‘Upload a Picture’ option enables survey-takers to respond to the question with an existing image.


Click on ‘Upload a Picture.


Choose an image to upload.

Click ‘Delete’ if you do not like the uploaded photo and add a new one.


Deleting an uploaded photo


Click ‘Submit’ to save your response.


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