How to Create a Text Box Question


The ‘Text Box’ question type allows the respondents to type in their answers. You can customize it based on the nature of your survey. ProProfs gives you the choice of three text box question types - Single Line, Multiple Line, and Multiple Box. Depending on your requirement, you can create open-ended questions or request specific information from the survey takers. The ‘Text Box’ question enables the survey takers to openly and honestly share their opinions and feedback, which helps corporates and business owners.


What’s more, you can even customize the question to accept either numeric or alphanumeric inputs, such as the phone number, pin code, etc., to prevent survey takers from entering any junk characters.


Benefits of the 'Text Box' question type:

  • Get impartial opinions & feedback
  • Understand how your respondents think
  • Acquire a wide variety of quality data
  • Personal opinions add value to the answer
  • Respondents feel more engaged
  • Useful in data validation


Here's an example of a 'Text Box' question:


Text box question in a survey


To create a ‘Text Box’ question:


Step 1. Access different question types on the Manage Survey screen and click ‘Text Box.’


Add text box question to a survey


Step 2.Single Line’ and ‘Multiple Line’ box types are pretty similar. The only difference between the two is you get two more settings with the ‘Single Line’ box type. These are ‘Min Characters’ and ‘Allow Text Type.’ Let’s customize the question as explained below.


Customize text box question


1. Type in the question you want to ask.
2. Under ‘Advanced,’ set minimum and maximum characters limit depending on your requirement.
3. Apply branching by using the ‘Jump To’ dropdown menu. It allows you to decide how the survey proceeds after the survey taker has answered this question. The survey can be directed to the next page, a particular question, or you can have it submitted.
4. Select ‘Numeric’ if you want only numerical values in the answer, for example, phone number, pin code, etc. Or, you can keep it as ‘Alphanumeric,’ which is the default selection.
5. Hide this question from the survey taker. A hidden question is only visible to you, and you can use it to write admin notes or comments.
6. Upload an image for this question.
7. Make this question mandatory for the survey takers.


Click Save when you’re done customizing the question.


The ‘Multiple Box’ box type is quite similar to ‘Single Line’ except that you do not get the ‘Allow Text Type’ setting and responses are given in multiple text boxes. Click on the '+ Add option' button to add the required number of fields.


Multiple box question




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