How to Create and Manage User Groups for Your Surveys



ProProfs Survey Maker enables you to create and manage user groups right from your classroom.


Benefits of creating groups:

  • Easily assign surveys to specific groups and subgroups
  • Keep track of pending and completed surveys in a group by looking at their reports


In this article, you’ll learn:

1. How to Create a New Group

2. How to Create a New Subgroup

3. How to Manage Groups


1. How to Create a New Group


Step 1. Go to More >> Classroom from your ProProfs Survey Maker dashboard.


classroom in survey maker


Step 2. Click Groups.


Note: "My Classroom" is the default classroom with all users and groups.




Step 3. Click '+New Group' when you arrive under the 'Groups' tab.


Click new group


Step 4. Enter the group name and proceed to the next step.


Enter group name


Step 5. Add users to this group and click Next. You can also skip this step and do it later if you want.


Add users to group


Step 6. Add surveys to this group and click Next. If you want, you can skip this step and do it later.


Assign surveys to the group


Step 7. Click Done on the confirmation message.


confirm group creation


2. How to Create a Subgroup


Creating a subgroup is the same as creating a group. Just click 'New Sub-Group' under the 'Groups' tab and follow the same steps above.


Create subgroup


3. How to Manage Groups


Step 1. Under the 'Groups' tab, select the group you want to manage. The screenshot below explains all the options that help you manage a group.


Manage groups


1. Keep this group Active or delete it.
2. Edit the group name.
3. Edit this group’s join code. The default join code is created automatically when you create a group and it’s visible only to you, the admin. Send this code to more users who can then self-register to this particular group.
4. Click 'Email' to send classroom invites to this group. The screenshot below shows the email template. You may edit the subject and the message while the fields [name], [username], and [password] are dynamic and they fill automatically when the email invite is sent. Also, you can click 'Add Users' to add individual users in the 'To' field.


Send classroom invitation


5. See the pending and completed reports of the surveys that you’ve assigned to this group.
6. Enable discussions between the users and the admins of this group.
7. Click on a user to enter their profile.
8. Click '+Users' to add more users to this group.
9. Go to the 'Surveys' tab and click '+Surveys' to add surveys to this group, as shown in the screenshot below.


Add surveys to group


Assign the surveys you want to add to this group and click Save.


Add surveys


10. Go to the 'Group Admins' tab and click '+Admins' to assign one or more admins to this group.


 Add Group admins


Select the users on the left that you want to add as admins to this group and click Save.


Assign group admins to the group


That is all about creating and managing groups in your surveys.



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