How to Create a Multiple Choice Question


A Multiple-choice question consists of more than one possible answer, out of which the survey taker can choose only one. In a survey, the purpose of a multiple-choice question could be to know your customer's preference instead of seeking out the correct answer like in a quiz.


Below is an example of a multiple-choice question in a survey:



Here's how you can create a multiple-choice question


Step 1: On the Manage Survey editor, click Multiple Choice under the Questions dropdown.



Step 2: Customize various elements of the question.



1. Enter the question you want to ask.

2. Enter the option names. You can add more options by clicking Add Option.

3. Advanced:

  • Apply branching to your answers.
  • Enable comments on answers so that the survey takers can comment on the selected answer.
  • You can choose to hide the question from the survey takers. In that case, the hidden question is only visible to the admins.
  • Choose whether you'd like the answers to be listed vertically or horizontally.

4. Insert an image for your question. You can also choose between checkboxes and radio buttons for the answer selection. Furthermore, you can make it a mandatory question for your survey takers and even assign points to each answer.


Once done, save. Your multiple-choice question is now prepared.

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