How to Create a Rating Scale Question


Rating Scale question uses expressive graphics to gauge how happy or unhappy the survey takers are. You can use emoticons, stars, thumbs up/down, numbers, and even a completely customized rating scale with your choice of text.


This is how a rating scale looks like:


survey preview


To Create a Rating Scale Question


Step 1: Click +Add Question > Rating Scale > Add Question.


select rating scale


Step 2: Customize the question to suit your requirements. You can even choose between several rating types such as smiley, thumbs up, yes/no, heart, star, text/number, or completely customize the rating scale.


edit rating questions


Also, you can make it a mandatory question for your survey takers. Once done, save. Your rating scale question is ready.


mark question mandatory and save


That is all about creating a rating scale question in ProProfs Survey.



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