How to Create a Slider Question

A Slider survey allows your survey respondents to rate your services or products by sliding a marker across a scale defined by you.


For example, below is how a Slider question looks like. The extreme left is 0 while the extreme right is the highest number defined by you. It could be 0-5, 0-10, or 0-100. 



Here's how you can create a Slider question:


Step 1: Click More to reveal all the question types and select 'Slider' from the options. 



Step 2: This is how the editing mode of a Slider question looks like:



  1. Give your slider question a title.
  2. Default Scale Labels are Left, Center, and Right. Edit them as required.
  3. Define the Scale Range, for example, 0-5 or 0-10, or 0-100 as best fits in your case. You can also specify the Step Size which determines the progress of the slider marker in a single step and the Default Position of the marker.
  4. Make the question mandatory and save.




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