How to Preview a Survey Question


In ProProfs Survey Maker, you can preview individual survey questions across different screen sizes to improve their readability and other aspects.


Here’s what previewing a survey question will look like in the survey editor:


Previewing a survey question


By previewing a survey question:


  • You can analyze it from a survey taker's perspective.

  • You can modify its appearance to align with your other survey questions.


How to Preview a Survey Question


Step 1: On your Survey Maker dashboard, go to a survey to open the survey editor.


Open a survey in your Survey Maker account


Step 2: Add a new question using the “Add Question” button on the left pane or open an existing question.


You can either add a new question or pick an existing one to preview and test survey questions


Step 3: Go to the Preview drop-down menu and select Question Preview.


Select Question Preview in the Preview drop-down menu


A screen will show how the question will appear to your survey takers.


A screengrab when you preview survey questions

That is all about previewing a survey question.



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