How to Create a Grid of Choices


The Grid of Choices consists of options arranged in rows and columns. Survey takers select an answer from each row/column to answer the main question collectively.


A Grid of Choices question looks like this:



Here's How You Can Create a Grid of Choices Question


Step 1: Click +Add Question > Grid Of Choice > Add question.


Create a Grid of Choices question


Step 2: Customize the question and its elements.


1. Enter the question you want to ask.

2. Enter the labels for the rows and columns. You can add more rows if needed and a maximum of six columns.


edit question and grid choices


3. You can enable commenting on the answers for the survey takers.

4. You can upload an image for your question, make it mandatory for answering, and even hide it from your survey takers.

Advanced settins for questions


Once done, click "Save." Your "grid of choices" question is now ready.

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