ProProfs Survey Rest API Guide


ProProfs lets you use the REST API to get your survey responses. 


This API application facilitates the collection of survey responses which you use for various reasons, such as market research, user engagement, and customer feedback.


Advantages of REST API:


  • Developers enjoy flexibility as REST can handle multiple call types.

  • It uses less bandwidth and provides fast execution.

  • It facilitates autonomous development across various parts of the project.


Get Your Survey Responses


Endpoint URL:


The endpoint URL given below is used to call the Rest API.



Request Method



Request Format



Request Parameters:


Name Required Type Description
token Yes String

Your private API key for the responses.

You will find this info on your my account page in the section:
My account > Password & Security > API key

sid Yes Integer "sid" is the ID of the survey. You can find this in the URL when you are editing the survey in your Survey dashboard.
limit No Integer The number of records you want to get in one response. The number must be between 0 and 500. If the limit is not provided, the API will retrieve up to 500 responses.
offset No Integer A non-negative integer. For example, offset=1000 means that the API will return records that match your query starting with response number 1001. If offset is not provided, the API will start from the beginning, response number 1.
date_from No String You can request records for a particular date range. Format of ‘date from’ should be in (yyyy-mm-dd)
date_to No String You can request records for a particular date range. Format of ‘date to’ should be in (yyyy-mm-dd)


How to get Survey ID (sid)


You can find this in the URL when you are editing the survey in the ProProfs Survey Maker.


The image showcases an arrow pointing towards the survey ID in the URL


Sample Code | JSON


Example Request

The request JSON object contains information about the survey id, limit, offset, date_from, and date_to.


Here is what the complete request will look like:


End Point:

Accept content-type: application/JSON

Method: POST

Authentication token: Bearer be5d37edf67d0ac8a74aca630b0b0fef*****

Request body: JSON





"date_from": "2023-02-23",

"date_to": "2023-03-16"



Example Response [Success]


Here is how the response will look like


Content-Type: application/json



"status": "SUCCESS",

"code": "200",

"description": " ”,



"survey_id": "351****",

"attempt_id": "70319**",

"attempt_date": "Feb-23-2023 10:34 am",

"survey_title": "Sample survey",

"user_id": "1234",

"email": "",

"name": "tom**",



"question": "What's your name?",

"answer": "Tom**",

"type": "Name",




"question": "What's your email?",

"answer": "tom**@gm***.com",

"type": "Email",




You can find an example of all questions' responses as JSON here.


Example Response [Failed]


Content-Type: application/json


"status": "Error",

"code": "ERR1002",

"description": "Request method must be POST",

"responses": ""



Response Fields Description
status error when the operation failed.
code A unique error code.

The error text describes the error.

responses Returns data on success and blank if getting any error.


Error Codes and Descriptions


Error Code Description
ERR1001 The content type must be application/json.
ERR1002 The request method must be POST.
ERR1003 Authorization is required.
ERR1004 A valid Bearer token is required.
ERR1005 The request body is empty.
ERR1006 Survey ID (sid) is not provided.
ERR1007 Empty API key.
ERR1008 Unauthorized Access Blocked
ERR1009 Upgrade your plan and try.
ERR1010 Invalid survey ID.



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