How to Get The ProProfs Survey API Key


Utilizing the ProProfs Survey API key ensures a safe and secure integration with third-party applications to share survey responses and respondents' data. The API key facilitates seamless information exchange as a reliable bridge between multiple servers.


To conveniently obtain the API key, simply navigate to the "My Accounts" section within the ProProfs Survey Maker dashboard.


Here are some of the benefits of using ProProfs Survey API key:


  • It provides a secure way to share information between different servers. 

  • By using an API key, developers can control who has access to their APIs and what actions they can perform. 

  • Automates the sharing of survey responses and data with third-party applications.


To Get the ProProfs Survey API Key


Step 1: In your ProProfs Survey Maker dashboard, go to “My Account.



Step 2: Navigate to Password & Security, and you will see the API Key. Copy it for future reference.



That is all about accessing the ProProfs Survey API key.




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