How to Track Email Delivery Stats of a Survey


Sending a survey to your customers via email allows you to track the survey stats, such as how many receivers opened the survey, how many ignored it, and responded to it. You can see all this data and more in the survey report. It further enables you to resend survey emails to those who didn’t respond to the survey.


Benefits of sending a survey via email:

  • Measure the effectiveness of your surveys
  • Know who took your survey & who are yet to
  • Get the pulse of your audience
  • Improve user engagement


To track the email delivery statistics of a survey:


Under ProProfs survey reports, select ‘Stats’ to see survey metrics. To see the detailed status of the survey, click ‘Emails Sent.’


Survey stats


Here’s a screenshot explaining the various email statuses.


Email Delivery Status


  • Respondent: Lists email addresses to which you sent the survey.
  • Status: Actions of the respondents. Let’s take a look at what each status means.
    • Not Opened: It means that the respondent hasn’t opened the survey in the email.
    • Opened: It means that the respondent opened the survey but hasn’t submitted it.
    • Replied: It means that the respondent submitted the survey.
    • Reopened: It means that the re-invited respondents opened the survey but haven’t submitted it.
    • Re-invited: You can resend survey emails to respondents with statuses ‘Opened’ and ‘Not Opened.’ To do that, check the appropriate respondents and click on the ‘Re-invite’ button at the top or adjacent to their respective statuses. Once done, the status of the re-invited respondents changes to ‘Re-invited.’


Resend surveys to respondents



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