How to Access and View Survey Reports


Survey Reports contain details such as the username, email ID, survey score, and survey result. Also, as an administrator, you can attach emoticons or stars to the reports depending on user feedback. You can edit the survey responses, download them, and share the words.


In this article, you'll learn:


To Access the Reports for a Particular Survey


Step 1: Go to a survey's reports section from your ProProfs Survey Maker dashboard.


Survey Maker dashboard


Step 2: Under the Reports section, individual user reports are listed that you can sort in various ways, as shown below.


Sort the Classic survey reports


1. Show a minimum of 10 or up to 100 reports on a single page.

2. Select/unselect the columns depending on the amount of info you want to see on the reports list.

3. Filter the list according to the emoticons or the stars you may have attached to individual reports. To assign an emoticon or a star, move the cursor over the star/emoticon icon at the beginning of each row of the reports list, as shown in the screenshot below. Select the appropriate emoticon or star to attach to the report when more options appear.


Rate a Classic user report


4. Filter the list by date, days, weeks, or months.

5. Filter the list according to the questions included in the survey.

6. Download the report list in an Excel format.

7. Share the report with relevant individuals. Just click the share button and copy the link from the popup window (shown below).


Share Classic user reports


To Get a Detailed View of a Survey Report


Step 2.1: Under Reports, click on the view icon to open a report for its detailed view.


View report


Step 2.2: When the report opens, you get the following options for managing and editing it.


Manage reports in online surveys


1. Download, print, and delete the report.

2. You can directly jump to a particular report.

3. Navigate from one report to another using left and right arrows.

4. Attach an emoticon or a star.

5. Add a note or comment on the report.


Step 2.3: When you scroll further down the report, you can edit the answer for each survey question.


Edit Classic user reports


How to Add a Note to the Survey Report


Step 1:  Click the "Add Note" icon on the Reports dashboard.


Step 2: Add the comment in the text input field and click "Add.


Here is how the added note will appear when you open the survey report:


added note in the survey report

You can also add a note from the individual response page.  


That is all about accessing, viewing, and adding notes in survey reports in ProProfs Survey Maker.



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