How to View the Survey Stats


Survey Stats provide you with a wide range of data regarding the performance of a particular survey. From the number of times the survey was attempted to the number of times each question in the survey was taken, Stats tell you everything.


What's more, you can also see the intensity of responses on a daily, weekly, as well as monthly basis. Survey Stats can be downloaded, printed, and shared.


To View the Survey Stats


Step 1: On your ProProfs Survey Maker dashboard, click on the number below the Reports column.


Survey reports


Step 2: Go to Stats.


Survey stats section


Step 3: Under Stats, you can measure the performance of your surveys through a variety of statistics. At the same time, you can sort those statistics to extract data for a specific period of time depending on your requirement.


Survey stats


Let's begin with the following options you have under Stats:

  1. See the average score of your survey. This data is available only if the survey is a Scored Survey.
  2. See the number of attempts on your survey.
  3. Sort the survey statistics according to days, weeksmonths, or enter your preferred dates (Custom).
  4. Download, take a printout, and share your survey. Regarding sharing, you're given the survey URL by clicking the share icon. Copy that URL and share it with the people you want, as shown in the screenshot below.


share survey stats


Step 4: You then have a number of graphs providing you important data, beginning with the number of responses your survey got on a weekly basis. You can view the same data on a monthly basis as well.


Responses on a survey


Step 4.1: The following graph shows the different times your survey receives the most and least number of responses in a single day.


Survey response date and time


Step 4.2: The following graph shows the day of the week your survey receives the most responses.


Survey response week


Step 4.3: The Stats page also shows the kind of response, in terms of percentage, each question in your survey has received. See the screenshot for example; the question asks the preferred mode of communication from the four choices - Phone, Email, Chat, and SMS. The data shows the survey takers' selection in percentage as well as the number of responses each answer option received.


How people respond to surveys


As pointed in the screenshot above, you can click on the download icon (top right corner) to download an Excel report of this particular question. You can also view the statistics for this particular question in the following chart formats: Pie Chart, Line Chart, and Bar Chart. Additionally, you can click on the individual numbers below the Responses column to see the complete details of these responses, as shown below.


View survey stats


That is all about accessing and viewing survey stats.



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