How to Customize & Add Branding to Your Survey


Customize your surveys with various themes available in the ProProfs Survey Maker. You can add your company logo, customize the background and text, and change the entire look & feel of your surveys.


Watch this video guide to learn about customizing & branding your survey:



Or continue reading to learn it step-by-step.


Benefits of customizing a survey:


  • Communicate ideas and concepts behind a survey in addition to making it visually pleasing
  • Match the look & feel of your website to make it more engaging and promote your business theme through different mediums


Here’s what a customized survey will look like:



In this article, you’ll learn:


  1. How to add a theme to a survey
  2. How to add a logo to a survey
  3. How to align survey title, cover image, and description
  4. How to change the background image
  5. How to set colors for different survey elements
  6. How to change the font
  7. How to change the font size
  8. How to customize the survey buttons


How to Add a Theme to a Survey


1. In your Survey Maker dashboard,


  • Create a new survey or open an existing survey to edit

  • Go to Popular Themes on the left panel

  • Click Customize your theme


Popular Themes in the survey editor


Alternatively, you can hover over a survey and go to Settings > Themes.


Go to Settings > Themes


 How to Add a Theme


2. Here, you can pick a theme from the Library to customize or start editing the default theme. Also, you can save themes and access them under My Themes.


Choose a theme


  • Select a theme and then click Customize to proceed.


Customize your chosen theme


How to Add a Logo to a Survey


3. Upload a logo to add your branding to the survey. If you are unsure, you can use the “Use default logo” option to add the ProProfs logo.


Upload a logo


After adding the logo, you have the option to resize it and adjust its position on the survey screen. 


Modify the logo size and positioning


 How to Align Survey Title, Cover Image, and Description


4. Use the alignment option to enhance your survey’s presentation.


You can align the title, cover image, and description of a survey left, right, and center.


Left alignment:


Left Alignment


Center alignment:


Center Alignment


Right alignment:


Right Alignment


 How to Change the Background Image


5. Choose a background image from our library or upload one. Or, you can even pick a color as the background.


Adjust the brightness & opacity, and adjust its scale to elevate the aesthetics.


Choose background image or color


 How to Set Colors for Different Survey Elements


6. Play around with the color scheme to make your surveys look and feel the way you want.


Below are the following survey elements for which you can set a color.


Set color


 How to Change the Font


7. Choose a font type from our list to match your website.


Choose a font type


 How to Change the Font Size


8. Adjust the font size for different elements of your survey.


Set the font size


 How to Customize the Survey Buttons


9. Customize the button & text color to match the color scheme of your website.


Also, you can edit the button captions.


Edit button & text color and button captions


10. To save your customizations as a new theme, click Save as New Theme. Name your theme. It will be available in the My Themes section.


Save your New Theme


To finish, click Save at the top right of your screen.


That is all about customizing and branding your survey.



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